What is Zenon Network doing that no other crypto is doing?

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Someone in Telegram recently asked this question: What is Zenon Network doing that no other crypto is doing?

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Zenon Network is the only community-run blockchain protocol that proposes a network architecture described as "secure, scalable, and achieving true decentralization".

To achieve this objective, Zenon has implemented a dual token economy ($ZNN & $QSR) and introduces a unique third dimension asset called "Plasma," which aims to free users from transaction fees.

With a foundation that emphasizes being feeless, fast, secure, and decentralized, Zenon is poised to enable a range of use cases not feasible on other blockchains. These include:

  • Feeless exchange of value in a simple mobile wallet: Gravity Wallet or Mobile Wallet.
  • Decentralized applications (zApps) running in unikernels for enhanced security and efficiency.
  • Innovative Bitcoin scaling solutions.
  • Decentralized Bitcoin mining pools, offering a more distributed approach to Bitcoin mining.
  • Decentralized merge mining with options for both CPU and ASIC miners, broadening the accessibility and inclusivity of mining activities.