What about the launch of Zenon Network sets it apart from other networks?

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What about the launch of Zenon Network sets it apart from other network?

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The article "The Zenon Enigma" by Shai Mohaban, published on December 7, 2019, highlights several aspects that set the launch of Zenon Network apart from other networks in the crypto space. Here are the key points:

Maturity at Launch: Unlike many projects that start with just a whitepaper and vague promises, Zenon launched with a fully operational blockchain. This included a ready-to-use wallet for all common platforms, an explorer, and a well-designed website, which is not common in the early stages of most crypto projects.

Innovative Launch Mechanism - xStakes: Zenon introduced a unique launching mechanism called xStakes, which is different from the typical approach of directly selling tokens for cryptocurrency. In this system, participants lock their funds and, in return, got tokens and their initial funds back over a period, provided they adhere to certain conditions like running a network node.

Use of Bitcoin in Fundraising: The Zenon project only allowed participants to send Bitcoin (BTC) to the xStakes address. This is quite unusual as most projects prefer Ethereum (ETH) or other cryptocurrencies. This could suggest an innovative approach to smart contracts and cross-chain operations between Bitcoin and Zenon.

"Smart Contract" Mechanism Involving Bitcoin: The xStakes "protocol" appeared to use a smart contract mechanism involving Bitcoin, which was cross-chained to Zenon. This speculation is based on the seamless and automated process experienced during the xStakes phase.

Limited Time and Cap for Fundraising: Zenon set a hard cap and a limited time for its initial coin distribution, which is a departure from the norm where projects often extend distribution phases to raise more funds.

Minimal Marketing Efforts: Zenon’s team made no significant efforts to attract contributors during the initial phase, relying instead on organic growth through word of mouth, which is rare in the crypto space.

Intriguing Riddles and Engagements: The project engaged the community with cryptic riddles and challenges, adding an element of intrigue and intellectual engagement.

Academic Approach to Whitepaper: Zenon released an academic-level whitepaper that will be peer-reviewed, indicating a commitment to research and technological rigor.

Professional Response to Network Issues: The team’s response to exploits discovered in the PIVX codebase was professionally handled, ensuring network stability and fairness.

Anonymous Team: The team behind Zenon chose to remain anonymous, which could be a strategy to focus on the technology and project rather than personal identities.

Network Stability Fund (NSF): The NSF was created to initiate the network and keep it stable. The funds from NSF were distributed back to the community, showing a commitment to community involvement and rewards.

Community Driven: The growing community around Zenon is active and engaged, with a focus on civilized and relevant discussions.

Corporate Backing Speculation: The article speculates that Zenon might be backed by a corporate entity, given its focus on branding, customer support, and lack of aggressive fundraising. However, after 4 years of active development the community now controls the project.

In conclusion, the Zenon Network's launch is characterized by its product readiness at launch, innovative fundraising approach, Bitcoin-centric operations, minimal marketing efforts, community engagement, and a professional and anonymous team. These factors differentiate Zenon from many other projects in the crypto space, making it a unique and intriguing endeavor.