What is Plasma?

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What is Plasma?

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The founding team introduced Plasma in the Zenon Network as "an anti-spam mechanism that acts as the network's gas," and described it as "a third dimension asset, similar to the mana concept used in many popular games."

Users can generate Plasma either by performing Proof of Work in their Syrius wallet or by fusing $QSR for a specified period.

Based on the current implementation and the foundational concept of Plasma, it appears to serve three main purposes: mitigating spam, representing a computational cost for transactions, and enabling transactions to be prioritized (competing for inclusion in a momentum).

However, the current implementation primarily fulfills only one of these roles - representing the computational cost associated with a transaction. The anti-spam properties in its present form are relatively weak, and there is no existing mechanism that allows users to compete for inclusion in a momentum.

Community developers are actively working to implement 'Dynamic Plasma,' which aims to establish robust anti-spam properties and set the groundwork for transaction ordering. Effective transaction ordering will be feasible once Narwhal and Tusk or a new virtual voting scheme is fully implemented.

Source: https://forum.hypercore.one/t/ideas-for-dynamic-plasma/233#plasma-as-an-anti-spam-mechanism-6