Who is Sigli ?

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Who is Sigli ?

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RIP Sigli. He was an OG community member who was appointed the "Owner" of the Official Telegram Channel by Mr. Kaine. He supported the community for several years and acted as a conduit between the community and Mr. Kaine. Sigli operated a pillar and supported other pillars.

Sigli endlessly helped the community "unstuck" transaction in the BSC <> ZTS bridge. It took hours and it was relentless.

After many years of community support Sigli was awarded an AZ for his years of work. After consulting with Mr. Kaine, Sigli transitioned ownership of the main telegram account to 0x3639. He then added several new administrators to help manage the channel.

After transition, Sigli removed himself from Telegram and deleted his existance. We can only assume he respawned as a new user, but no one knows for sure.