What is an Adaptive Smart Contract?

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The Zenon Network marketing video has an image of "Adaptive Smart Contracts" with a PP token. Can you explain an adaptive smart contract?

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"Smart Contracts on EVM are not very flexible, they are expensive and difficult to change and upgrade.

Enter unikernals which could be a platform for an adaptive smart contact layer.
This would be a very secure layer where one could inexpensively deploy a smart contract and where the owner could modify it easily and where other systems like web 2 applications could connect to and the smart contract could adapt and react to those data streams.

Making SC near infinitely more useful than they are now on EVM or similar vm."

Source: qPP https://t.me/zenonnetwork/355090

If you want to learn more about unikernels search TG Main for @georgezgeorgez unikernel